The Park Hyatt
Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

The Park Hyatt  Saadiyat island, Abu Dhabi(UAE)

Project The Park Hyatt
Client Abu Dhabi National Hotel
Main contractor ALEC

Project Description:

Fino International collaborated with ID company Wilson and Associates and ALEC Fitout in the design and build aspects of this project. Starting with their team of engineers, Fino drafted shop drawings based upon the design intent of W/A. By utilizing their team’s vast experience in the region and knowledge of fitout construction practices during the design phase, they were able to propose practical design solutions and ideas to difficult details and transitions, and expedite the approval process. Their projects and engineering teams then produced an extensive onsite survey, room by room, to prepare individual drawings and cutting lists to coincide with the current site conditions. This allowed them to provide the utmost attention to quality and detail. Upon approval of the final drawing submissions, their procurement and fino marble division worked together to source a variety of luxurious marbles from around the world. In the first selection, fino took a forward approach in selecting and proposing the Biege Luzio marble from a quarry in Oman. This was selected to contribute to the predominant LEED practices instituted on this project. Another material was sourced by fino and selected from the mountain ranges of Greece, the Pigros White marble. This is a beautiful polished white material with lavish veins running throughout; the material was approved instantly. Their continuous search for luxurious marbles throughout places such as Europe and India landed them in China. This is where they found the material, Lava Wave. With hints of green, black and blue and numerous veins running parallel throughout, this was by far top of the line. This material was designed to be aesthetically used as an accent material to the guestrooms, in which the placement would be on specially selected walls and counter tops to stand out and catch the eye. Fino’s teams traveled many times to China and spent countless hours in their factories selecting and purchasing only the best blocks and slabs for the project. After the selection and procurement, fino’s Marble factory began the fabrication in which they produced all the marble for the 250 guestrooms in less than 4 months by utilizing multiple water jets, cutting machines, stone saws and edging machines, all running simultaneously 24 hours a day. Fino’s logistics department then took control; and with proper labeling, identification, transport and shifting, made it very simple for their site and installation teams to meet the challenging schedule to complete 23 rooms per week and meet the Clients accelerated schedule and deadlines. With fino’s proactive approach, skilled Marble division and experienced staff and management, the Park Hyatt project is on track to be another successfully opening Hotel.