Interior Finishing

Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre (UAE)

Project Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre
Client Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort
Gross Area 12.000m²
Structural Engineer Bollinger Grohmann Schneider
Architect Chalabi Architects & parters
Main contractor Ed Züblin AG

Project Description:

The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center is a phenomenal structure not only because of its unique design and finishes, but also for its green approaches. It is aiming to achieve LEED Platinum and Estidama 5 Pearls which are the highest achievable ratings for these green building systems. LEED is a system developed in the United States whereas Estidama is a local system (from Abu Dhabi) that focuses on green technologies and approaches related to the Arabian Gulf , with concentration on energy and water efficiency. Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center is the pilot project for Estidama v 1.0. The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center is built with unique energy efficiency and water efficiency technologies. In addition, there is major focus on green materials for the building. In order to achieve the high ratings, the project teams sourced and installed regional materials, recycled content materials, low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) adhesives, paints, carpets, composite wood and high SRI materials for the external cladding. The project is under very stringent waste diversion targets; all types of wastes are segregated on site and sent for recycling rather than landfill or incineration. As a finishing company contracted to complete interior and exterior work, FINO is contributing towards the achievement of the materials credits in SZDLC. Some of these are sourcing and using chemicals that have low volatile organic compound levels. This ensures that the indoor air quality is free of pollutants and toxic chemicals for the occupants of the building. In addition, the doors to be used on SZDLC are sourced from sustainable forestry. Wastes are sent back to manufacturers for recycling rather than disposal. The most important contributor towards the achievement of LEED and Estidama is the close coordination between all project team members. Openly discussing issues with our Clients, helps in meeting the requirements of these green building rating systems. With transparent communication, the purpose of these rating systems is met, as they encourage integrated development and holistic approach to construction.